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ankle 3
Published: 08/08/2017

Almost everyone has heard of a sprained ankle, yet a large proportion may yet know exactly what it is. A sprained ankle refers specifically to the ligaments of the ankle and occurs when uneven ground or other external forces cause our joint to move beyond its normal range. As it is mainly the ligaments job […]

Published: 05/06/2017

Resilience of the Human body Ask any physio and they will tell you that the human body is an incredible thing. Our ability to recover, grow and change is phenomenal when we think about the physical processes our bodies undergo every minute of every day throughout our entire lives. Even at rest without being able […]

Published: 16/05/2017

With the high proportion of adults now working in sedentary office jobs, the incidence of lower back pain (LBP) has grown significantly and statistically speaking, the vast majority of us will at some point suffer from it. Previously, those with back pain would be encouraged to rest which unfortunately often made things worse. By not […]

Published: 30/04/2017

Having endured a relatively sudden change in the seasons over the last few weeks, it’s safe to say that we are in for quite the ‘cold and flu season’. Anyone who has suffered the Flu in previous years can stand testament to the whole-body pains that often accompany the usual sore throat and runny nose. […]

Published: 18/04/2017

Many of us will be aware of the R.I.C.E.R principles for soft tissue recovery after acute injury. Recently this acronym has been rearranged to better reflect the relative importance of each point, giving rise to the new and improved ‘C.R.I.E.R’ acronym. Compression     The use of bandaging (or tubigrip) to compress the injury site is the […]

Published: 27/03/2017

Plantar Fasciitis: One of the more common foot complaints is pain underneath the foot, either in the middle of the arch itself, or where the arch meets the heel bone. In plantar fasciitis, the supportive ligament sheath (known as ‘fascia’) on the underside of the foot becomes overloaded and develops inflammation. This inflammation and irritation […]

Published: 14/03/2017

With winter sports seasons starting in the coming weeks, this blog will discuss a relatively common condition that arises this time of year, Osteitis Pubis (OP). Although it is unlikely that the incidence of OP has risen significantly during this time, the clinical presentation of the condition has. This is most likely due to better understanding of the […]

Published: 27/02/2017

Massage is one of the oldest arts of healing – there are Chinese records dating back 3,000 years documenting its use! Well, just because it has been practiced for 3000 years, is that enough to warrant its clinical use today? Thankfully, research has helped shed some light on the benefits of massage and although some […]

leg cramps
Published: 13/02/2017

It’s fair to say that at some point, each of us will experience a lower limb muscle cramp of some type. Often affecting the calf muscle or the Hamstrings, the exact cause of nocturnal leg cramps is unknown or ‘idiopathic’. Some possible contributing factors to muscle cramping are believed to include: Nerve excitability due to […]

Published: 31/01/2017

‘Sitting is the new smoking’ – most of us would’ve seen this image circling recently However, what is it about sitting for prolonged periods in sustained postures that increases your chance of developing back or neck pain? Previously the consensus was that back pain – specifically lower back pain – was a product of poor […]

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